Rules of the Pokemon General Discussions

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Rules of the Pokemon General Discussions

Post by Kingdra on Mon May 18, 2009 4:51 pm

What are General Discussions

- A section for discussions about precise subjects related to actualities, cinema, videogames, litterature, etc. "Light" subjects have the right to mix with more serious subjects. Each people has the right to post as long as he/she respects the rules.
Each people has the right to express himself in his level.
- A section where you can ask technical questions that may interest everyone, like "how to make a website"
- A section where we introduce topics, i.e by presenting precisely what we want to talk about. Not only by "Let's talk about belgian tomatoes", but by presenting what are belgian tomatoes, even by quoting another website if you don't have any idea on how to present the belgian tomatoes.

What General Discussions ARE NOT

- An advertising space for your forums and other websites
- A space where we post trap link such as cyberfinger-style links.
- A space where we post links for lottery games or for websites to gain money, or even for paypal codes.
- A space for flood (For example, word chains games are forbidden because they don't bring any discussion and they uselessly overload the forum)
- An arena space for public flamewars. PMs are there for this
- A support section for editboards.
- A space for requests of moderators/admins for your forums/websites.
- A space to ask for help for videogames.

Behaviors which must be avoid

- Having shocking sayings (racist, homophobic, sexist, invitations to commit genocides, etc.)
- Post to say nothing (flood)
- Double-posting. Please, edit your posts
- Upping your topic. If your topic doesn't have any response, it's maybe because everything has been said or it doesn't interest people.
- Correct people who do mistakes regarding the rules. It's the moderator's job to do this. You ARE NOT moderators
- To be aggressive towards co-forumers
- Having fun to destroy a topic you judge uninteresting, but that may interest other people.
- Even if it's understandable that people may have some orthograph problems, please avoid SMS language, for respect towards co-forumers.

Criticism about moderators' actions, criticism about PokeMasters

Criticism is a good thing, as long as it is done in a correct way. You have the right to disagree. However, we ask you to stay polite and to avoid insults towards a moderators or the moderator team or even the administrators. Moderators and administrators are members, and as members, having a lack of respect towards them is liable to a ban. It is a question of civility.
In return, moderators will listen you and, sometimes, adopt some of your propositions.

However, if your proposition is not accepted, it's useless to make it a drama. You don't possess the ultimate truth and nobody has the obligation to agree.


Will be closed : topics who don't follow the rules
Will be banned : members who will continue to ignore the rules even if we warned them and/or will post deliberately :
- Trap links
- Aggressive messages against anyone
- Attempts to destroy any topic
- Messages with shocking content (It is possible that you get a first warning, but if you continue... you get out)
- Who will try to create "clans" and to turn against one category of users
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