Fake Poke-Stuff

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Fake Poke-Stuff

Post by Kingdra on Sun May 17, 2009 5:59 am

Fake Poke-stuff

Since many people have done this before, I allow it. However, this many many strings & restrictions to it so be careful with your posting.

#1-Fake is Good: Let your imagination run wild. You could post fake berries here with a pic, fake pokemon with a pic, fake abilities, etc. Please, before you post, please tell that it is a fake Pokemon because a member might get confused and try their lifetime to find it in their game.
#2-Basic Construction: To make your own fake poke-staff, please make your own picture of it up close. I know some members aren't good with gfx, but still at least try (please don't request one) After doing the picture and uploading it, follow thing huge form:

Name of Poke-Stuff:
Picture (In img tags):

Please, make the description in proper spelling/grammar. Members will understand it much better. After dong the description and pressing the post button, do not say "Leave a comment, thanks" or something like that. Members will come Smile
When you read it, then you may give it a rating, from 0 to 10. Please also explain your reasons, fellow members.

The Poke-Masters Staff Team

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Re: Fake Poke-Stuff

Post by Xiso on Sun May 17, 2009 3:35 pm

Therefore, I declare this a stickied thread.
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