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Your Signature Rules

Post by Kingdra on Sun May 17, 2009 5:48 am

The Signature Rules

Well, due to signature abuses, I claimed to make rules for the situations. In general, the signature and the images in it could maximum be is 200x200. Anymore that that gets a verbal warning, and then a real warning. Here are another list of rules you have to follow:

#1 It can be a link, but it cannot be a link to anything that the general site rules could not agree on. But videos are disqualified from it, and trainer cards are Ok for it.
#2 It can have a GTS request, but only one at a time in a signature. it can also have funny names, silly abilities, giggly berries, etc. Be creative with your signature, too.
#3 Never post your address to anybody. We do not like real-life meetings. Also, never flame anybody in a signature and no user talk either.
#4 Never post a "copy and paste this" paragraph. it is consdered trash and never let it happen.

If you see a member cross the line of these rules, contact a staff member immediately by PM with this form filled-out:

Name of rules-breaker:
What he did wrong:
Screen shot link (Must be at least 1200x1200; go to resizepic dot com to resize it or ask a gfx designer):

Note: Many people have trouble with enabling your signature. Go to Your profile>Preferences>Always allow signature>Yes Always allow BBCode and HTML>Yes

and then SAVE.

Now you see that older posts don't have your signature. Live with it, it happens if you posted and then made a signature.

The Pokémasters Staff Team

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