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Post by Charizard on Tue May 19, 2009 7:44 am

The rules of this section are very clear:

All the usual rules apply (no spamming, no harassing etc....) read the rules of the forum before posting anywhere.

If the music or video is not pokémon related it will be trashed as soon as a moderater sees it, so don't waste your time and ours by posting non-pokémon related videos or music

If any music or video containing pornographic content or content including swear words, racial/sexual comments or extreme violence are posted the content will be deleted and the user will receive a permanent ban.

When posting a video either give the link to the video or if it is a youtube video: To the right of each youtube video there is an "embeded code" if you copy and paste that code here the video will show instead of a link



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